We're one of the leading Amazon Agencys in the Nordics

We partner with brands to elevate their commerce strategy, reach more customers, and grow their business. 

What We Do

Amazon services

Expert services and consulting

We support our customers’ Amazon strategy and customize our expert services to meet their specific needs.

Account set up and sales growth

We help companies to set up Amazon Seller accounts, build a strong presence on Amazon marketplaces and accelerate their business growth.

Brand registration and protection

We enroll brands in Amazon Brand Registry to protect intellectual property and create a trusted experience for buyers.

Marketplace and seller account management

We offer marketplace management and seller account management as continuous service. Our Amazon experts are dedicated to maximise your sales growth.

Advertising and marketing

Amazon PPC advertising helps your business to sell more and increase brand awareness. We take care of everything from planning to implementation and ongoing optimisation.


We provide customised Amazon training services. When a company wants to train its own in-house Amazon manager or team, we can offer all necessary qualifications for that need.

About us

Sellvibe is one of the leading Amazon Agencys in the Nordics, focusing mainly on European brands and manufacturers.

Since we started we have helped many brands and manufacturers to maximise their sales on Amazon

What we do

We will grow your Amazon business by combining our industry expertise with best-in-class tools

Step 01 Amazon strategic planning

Our strategic planning model helps improve your Amazon efforts. We help you define objectives, create guidelines, and take advantage of data and the right technologies.

Step 02 Right markets and products

We help you choose the right markets and products to effectively generate sales. Our expertise guarantees that you always get the best results.

Step 03 Optimise towards sales

In order to achieve goals and business objectives, an analytical approach is essential. We optimise your Amazon store holistically and ensure the best possible sales growth for your business.

Step 04 Amazon advertising

We help you to boost your sales by advertising your products on Amazon. By advertising your products on Amazon you sell more and increase your brand awareness.

Why Choose Us

6 years experience with selling on amazon

We deliver on time

You talk,we listen

24/7 Availability


What does our Clients Say?

Ville Kauppinen CEO @ Elixi Oil Oy

We went to Amazon because we wanted our oat-based Aito products available to consumers in the German market during the Grüne Woche Fair. Getting started with Sellvibe was effortless and we agilely opened a new sales channel. Sellvibe has helped us profoundly from opening an account to logistical issues and campaign planning.

Susanna Kallio Director @ Fazer Lifestyle Foods

Opening up the US market was a big challenge for us, but now we are on our way to a wider takeover of Amazon marketplaces. Sellvibe has an excellent understanding of how Amazon marketplaces work and the team works in a positive and commercial manner with focus on customer sales. I recommend working with Sellvibe.

Shams W.Pawel CMO @ Panduro Hobby Ab

Hurtta brand is sold on Amazon in several different marketplaces through resellers and distributors. We decided that by taking hold of our brand, producing quality content to improve customer experience, and also by selling directly to consumers, we can help our resellers to succeed. Sellvibe has helped us extremely well in creating and implementing this change process.

    A Few Of our Clients